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    Single Mothers ProgramHelping single mothers and their children.

    • DMF helps pay many costs related to mothers living alone & caring for young children.
    • DMF supports these mothers on Yomim Tovim and special occasions, provides custom gift food certificate packages 3 times a year, coordinates counseling and personal help, provides for needed family breaks, and more.

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    General Needs ProgramActive all year round to address every need.

    • DMF helps needy families throughout the year with extenuating financial difficulties. Each case is carefully studied and supported in a way that is both wise and sensitive. In a difficult economy, the requirements of the General Needs Program increase dramatically.
    • DMF pays mortgage, electric and heating bills, food and clothing expenses.

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    Gift Certificate & Food Discount ProgramHelping desperate and struggling families.

    • DMF helps struggling families with limited income or unemployed parents, etc.
    • DMF provides $250-$1,000 (based on family size and need) as gift certificates carefully purchased at a discount to local grocery and clothing stores.
    • DMF gives needy families a grocery discount card which gives them a significant discount on their purchases – the balance is subsidized by DMF.

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    Leon Lief Children’s™ FundA fund geared towards the needs of children.

    • LLCF helps with clothing, medical and care costs for children.
    • LLCF provides day-camp subsidies for hundreds of children.

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    Be’er Miriam Marriage FundHelping couples with wedding expenses.

    • BMMF gives outright grants to needy families to offset increasing costs of marriage and setting up a new home.
    • BMMF supports several funds and organizations that alleviate the pressure of making a Simcha.