YALLA is an organization that is designed to support young adults with serious physical disabilities and chronic medical conditions. While our participants are typically functioning cognitively, it is not always as easy for them to engage in the same experiences as their peers, due to their physical challenges. That is where YALLA comes in! We have regular get-togethers, including spa days, a dinner out, and arts and crafts experiences. We also have weekends, and trips in the summer, such as last summer’s three-day trip to Philadelphia, and this year’s trip to Connecticut, which has allowed our participants to connect with others in similar circumstances, while relaxing and enjoying themselves in a medically supervised environment. Recognizing that our participants are now adults, they contribute to the cost of YALLA’s events, to the best of their ability, but this cannot fully cover the cost, especially as special arrangements are often necessary, due to medical needs. The staff on our trips have included doctors, physician’s assistants, nurses and EMTs, to ensure that all medical needs can be safely addressed. Everyone involved in our organization are volunteers, so all donations go directly to support our events. With your support, we can continue and expand our programs.

Glimpses of the Boys Events

Glimpses of the Girl’s Events