A Matanos L’evyonim Request:

The joy and excitement of Purim B”H are upon us. Hopefully we will be able to disconnect from our harried lives to enjoy the light of this meaningful Yom Tov.

The mitzvos of Chag HaPurim, include Matanos L’evyonim, financially helping those in need. Our Rabbis understood that meaningful joy must include the satisfaction of helping others. No Jew can really be joyous if those around them are also not joyous.

There are hundreds of families in our community, neighbors and friends, who go into Purim with heavy hearts, overloaded with financial stresses and fears. Every day is hard for them – the expenses of Purim and the upcoming Pesach weigh upon them constantly, together with what they need just to get through life.

For over thirty years we have financially helped our community, our “greater family”. The Davis Memorial Fund has no salaries or offices – only transparent generosity to the families in this community who count on it for support.

Please, please, help this Purim by giving Matanos L’evyonim generously to your own community!

Donate below or by mailing/dropping off a check at:
Davis Memorial Fund, 25 Lawrence Avenue, Lawrence, NY 11559

We will distribute all the funds to local needy families on Purim itself.

May our lives and the lives or our loved ones become filled with unparalleled joy this Purim, the day that we commemorate by helping our neighbors and friends who are in need.

Freilechen Purim,
Dovid Greenblatt on behalf of the Davis Memorial Fund